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Pioneering Solutions for Tomorrow’s Transportation Challenges.

Michigan Central is a destination for advancing technologies and programs that address barriers to mobility in all its forms, whether they be social, economic or physical. We are a center for innovation but also a call-to-action for creating a more sustainable, equitable future.

Part of what makes Michigan Central unique is our members’ ability to test the future of technology right now. It’s testing of real-world solutions in the real world. But along with that comes the responsibility of informing the community about what’s going on in their city. On this page, you can explore and learn more about our constantly growing innovation initiatives.

Port of Monroe

Pilot Programs

Michigan Central and Newlab have partnered to create a place where cutting-edge startups, experts across multiple industries, top academics and community leaders come together to develop solutions and skills that address pressing societal and mobility-related challenges and help usher in a more accessible, sustainable future for all. Visit the Pilot Programs page to learn more about the pilots programs participating in Newlab at Michigan Central.

Explore the Pilots

Cydni Elledge NewLab Detroit

Advanced Aerial Innovation Region

A 3-mile radius with Michigan Central at its center, the Advanced Aerial Innovation Region is designed to accelerate commercial drone development and testing of real-world use cases.

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